7 Real Estate tips for buying a Home

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Buying a home is a huge and difficult task, especially when the place is in a Metropolitan region like Mumbai. The real estate prices have skyrocketed so much that it is not easy for everyone to buy a dream home for themselves. But still, there are properties in every price range; and with these 7 tips it will be easy for you to plan and select a home in and around Mumbai, wisely.

1. Fix your budget.

First consider all the aspects of home buying that will get added up in price of it. That include the taxes, utilities, insurance, stamp duty etc. then prepare a final budget which you have and can afford to spend for your new home.

2. Finalise your home wants and needs.

Determine whether you want to buy a totally new home of a new construction, or a used up home of old construction. Also determine what area and how many rooms will be available in your budget.
3. Be ready to make a quick decision.

Sometimes it may happen that a home will be put up for sale which ticks all your boxes for affordability, price, area, location etc. you should be ready to purchase that as early as you can before others.

4. Work with a Realtor.

Real estate being local, you will be very much benefitted by the help of property agents in Mumbai or of any surrounding areas. They have a huge list of apartments for rent, houses for sale, commercial property etc. you can get a good competitive advantage with them.

5. Surroundings and location.

This is also an important aspect from the point of view of future price escalation of your property, and the location of any other convenience like a supermarket, school, hospital, entertainment etc.

6. Do smart inspection.

While inspecting any property, try to read between the lines, as the seller will obviously make it look at its best. Later you should not feel cheated.

7. Enquire with locals.

Talk to the neighbours, the local shopkeepers about the property, the surroundings and any speciality, happenings etc. they will give you the true story about what all you want to know.

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