What exactly is Vastu shastra for your home?

Real Estate

You must have seen people holding some papers and discussing about altering the architecture of their newly bought homes, or sometimes people going to consulting firms or pandits too, to get tips for their homes. This is nothing else but taking the help of Vastu shastra for having a prosperous and harmonious living place which is free of any defects.

Vastu shastra is the Hindu system of architecture followed in the Indian subcontinent traditionally since many centuries now. It is the textual part of Vastu Vidya, which has a larger knowledge of design theories and architecture from ancient India. There are detailed descriptions of layout, measurements, space planning and arrangement, design, spatial geometry etc.

So many people of India take the help of the principles, rules, theories etc. of vastu shastra to take the best decision in property management, real estate, property for sale, commercial property, interior design etc. Indians are known to blindly and religiously follow their faiths and beliefs. There are vastu shastra tips also for temples, gardens, shops, water works, even whole towns and cities. But today mostly people use it only for their residential property and commercial property like office spaces etc.

There exist different types of vastu shastra for different kind of properties. The basic drawing is of a mandala of 64 squares. Vastu shastra believes that every piece of building or land has a soul of its own which is known as ‘vastu purush’. If the principles of vastu shastra are followed, he will provide happiness, protection and prosperity to the habitants.

Vastu shastra advises on the perfect placement of the main door of the house, windows, the location of different rooms like living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom etc. it places emphasis on the 8 directions and the placement of the house architecture perfectly.

Today, quite a number of new constructions are being made with the principles of vastu shastra as majority of Indians demand that. Most of the estate agents help the property buyers in vastu shastra too. The modern Indians don’t believe in vastu shastra as the previous generations did, but still, they too want vastu shastra to be implemented for their homes, especially when a new property is bought. Although the belief is dwindling in it, vastu shastra is still going strong.

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