Why us?

"MASS Realty as a realty consultancy firm offers you expert advice professionally.” When it comes to real estate investments, too often we choose to consult our extended family, friends or colleagues. But they only have limited knowledge based on which they can advise us. If we are serious about making the right decisions regarding our investments, it is wise to seek out the help of an experienced real estate consultant.

Here are 10 reasons why you should choose MASS Realty as your preffered realty partner to represent you in all your property related transactions ?

1. Knowledge
Each of us have advanced knowledge about a handful of topics. And while we may have some knowledge about real estate investments, we might not know it all. On the other hand, as a professional estate consultancy firm , MASS Realty knows the market and the locality well.  If you are buying a property, we can help you choose the right property at the right price.  And if you’re selling, we’ll know the prevalent rates, actual worth of your investment, and a better way to capitalize on it.

2. We are Experienced
We have several years of investment experience under our belts. We are well versed in all the do’s and don’ts of the buying/selling process. We’ve done it so many times that it’s almost second nature to us.

3. We will Negotiate on Your Behalf
While handling real estate negotiations on your own is commendable, you may not get the best deal out there. We, on the other hand will pursue the negotiations on your behalf and get you the best buying/selling price that the other party can offer.

4. We Act as a Buffer
We act as a middleman between the buyer and the seller, so you don’t have to directly interact with the other party. You will also be shielded from the nitty-gritty details that might consume you if you don’t have a consultant.

5. We Handle All the Paperwork
Paperwork can sometimes be a real pain, and especially so in the real estate business. There are so many documents you check and keep in order before you can finalize the transaction.  We will take care of all the paperwork and get all the required legal documents, so all you’ll have to do is just sign them.

6. We Answer Your Questions
You do not have to enter into an investment decision blindly. We are ready to hear you out, answer you queries, and clarify all your doubts. That’s what you’re paying us for!

7. We Make Things Convenient for You
Imagine the time and energy you will spend if you have to do all the property research and the actually running around by yourself. We will help you tremendously by being the one person you can turn to who can help you with exactly what you need.

8. We Partner with You
We can become your trusted investment partner and help you even with your future investments. We will work alongside you, and give you valuable advice as you work to build your investment portfolio.

9. We have Legal Clarity
The law cannot be messed around with. Whether you are buying a property or selling one, there is a host of legal issues you will have to consider. As a consultancy firm, we have better clarity on legal requirements, and will help you comply with them all.

10. We know the Taxation Rules
The Income Tax Department of India takes its job very seriously. It is a crime to bypass any of the taxation rules applicable for your real estate transaction. We can help you abide by the rules and pay the required capital gains tax where applicable. If you are an NRI, or if you’re buying a property from an NRI, there are different guideline to be followed which we can easily help you with.


If you’ve decided to enter into the world of real estate investments, MASS Realty can prove to be very invaluable in the long run. We will become your go-to person, a listening ear, and your right hand for any decisions regarding your investment. We would love to help you boost your financial prosperity to the next level. Do not hesitate to call and hire us today!

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